George, Islington

George, Islington

Radek came referred to me by a friend and I’m so happy with the work they did for me that I’m happy to recommend them too. I employed Radek to tear out and completely build a new kitchen from scratch as well as repaint my entire flat (walls, skirting, windows, doors, the lot). A long the way they found some additional leaks and fragilities which they were also able to fix for me too.

In short, I’m delighted with the results. The kitchen looks fantastic, everything works smoothly (appliances included) and the paint job looks sharp, even, and the edges crisp. The whole flat feels smarter.

Working from a vague design and some ambitions I had we were able to rapidly settle on a kitchen plan that met my requirements, price limitations but also included the sagely experience the guys from Radek offered. This was my first new kitchen (a nerve wracking experience to say the least), so being able to pepper them with really basic or overly specific questions was extremely comforting. The specification for the painting was easier obviously but it helped being able to rely on their experience to explain what the options are and what kind of paint should be used where (e.g. in the bathroom vs in the hall). Credit should also be given for their flexibility: I had some pretty arbitrary requirements (e.g. feature walls, handle choice, or specific worktop material) and they took them in their stride.

Throughout the specification phase Witek was regularly coming round to my flat at times that suited me (and I can’t imagine suited him at all), and would respond to my emails at almost any time of day. I cannot emphasise enough how great it is to have someone who is responsive, and is happy to take responsibility for the whole processes. Any moments of worry, questions, wobbles or doubts were all quickly resolved. At the end of the design phase I was presented with, and signed off on, a printed specification of what work was commissioned, how much it would cost, and what the payment schedule was. In this way neither of us was in any doubt of what was going to get done by when, what was included and what the costs were. There were no additional surprise charges introduced.

The actual installation phase was smooth as well. We’d pre-agreed certain times when I would be given a tour and an update as to how things were going, but I also dropped in a few times unannounced and found everyone hard at work. The team put up signs around my building apologising for any noise and mess made during the working day (they always tidied up end of day) as well as providing contact details – though there were no complaints from my neighbours.

I got Radek’s cleaning services to do a deep clean before I moved back into the flat and I’m so glad I did. It totally heightened the impact of the final unveil – my flat has never looked so clean and welcoming (and I have a weekly cleaner!). During the work the team had covered everything with plastic sheets and the floor with mats and even now a few weeks later I’ve still not found a single wayward paint fleck. They also use dust free wall sanders (for sanding between paint coats) so there was no layer of dust that often comes with such work (which as an asthmatic matters to me).

All in all I’m thrilled with the experience and the results. I am happy to recommend Radek’s building, decorating and cleaning services.